Coinbase Pro adds ZEC/USD, BAT/USD and DAI/USD

  • Coinbase had delisted ZEC from its UK platform last year. 
  • Support for all of the new trading pairs has begun on April 30. 

Coinbase Pro, a division of Coinbase, recently announced three new listings on its platform – BAT/USD, DAI/USD, and ZEC/USD. As with the new listings, trading on the newly introduced order book will start in phases. The first phase will be a post-only mode, which will then shift to a full trading mode when the firm’s metrics for an ideal market are met. Support for all of the new trading pairs began on April 30. 

In August 2019, newly updated money laundering guidelines from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in the EU forced Coinbase to delist Zcash from its UK platform last year. This move prompted heavy criticism from the crypto community. Zcash was subsequently delisted from other exchanges like OKEx and Upbit as well. However, now that Coinbase Pro has listed it again, it could mean that Zcash can regain listings despite its privacy-oriented features.